How to plan your vacation ?

Various tips and destinations ideas

Because the ideal trip should be well prepared

Be prepared for adventure and relaxation

Plan your perfect holidays

After a really long wait, you’re there and it’s vacation time! So you need to start preparing for your trip as soon as possible because once you have already planned for your annual or honeymoon vacation, then you are half the way, discover destinations on

Your Travel documents first and foremost

Don’t forget the essential documents

Because your travel documents are harder to be done or to replace especially in foreign countries, you need to make two printed copies of your visa, passeport driver’s license and airline tickets. Without forgetting to insert your prepaid SIM card in your mobile phone, because  you never know when you need to make a phone call to your family whether to stay in touch or for an emergency.

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When are you going to travel?

Destinations and factors to look attentively at

Factors to be considered when choosing your destination

Time: Two factors are linked to time, the first is weather and the second is duration. When it comes to WEATHER it’s just so simple and depends on you, whether you are a pluviophile who loves wandering during rainy days , drink mugs of hot drinks of whatever they serve in the area you are visiting. Or if you just cherish the sun and muggy hot weather then sunny islands are your thing.
DURATION:  if you can only leave work just for a week you don’t want to spend half the time on the plane or train in order to reach your destination. So choose a place not too far away from your hometown.


Allocate a budget before leaving

Costs: define your costs, accommodation, hotel booking, flight tickets
Research what you might need there and how much it costs to eat outside to try their traditional or street food, museum sightseeing or other activities related to the country you are visiting.
Security: Research attentively your vacation; avoid places where there are health problems such as diseases or security concerns like war for example.
Language: being aware of what people are saying around you is considered a security tool. Maybe you need to consider countries that speak english as their second language or you can just use Google translate for basic needs.

Enjoy your holidays

Worldwide recommended destinations

Ideal destinations

One of the finest reasons to visit Canada is to benefit from the fabulous outdoor scenery. A few of the most prevalent open air exercises in Canada are camping, skiing and snowboarding, hitting the fairwayclimbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and canoeing.

Mexico as well is a great destination where you can Enjoy the floating gardens of Xochimilco, Attend a sound and light show in Teotihuacan, Swimming in Yukatan cenotes and Running in the streets of Guadalajara.