Travel gear

How to find the ideal travel bike?

Many people ask about the travel bike in recent weeks. What equipment did we choose to leave? Which bike to invest in? And so on… Until now, I was wondering if I was really able to answer them because I…

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Travel equipment: the complete list of my equipment

I remember my first departure. I was nineteen years old and I was going to Montreal for six months with my boyfriend then. I flew away with a huge suitcase of twenty kilos of essentials. At the time, it seemed…

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Beautiful “Travel gifts to offer”

On Christmas, his birthday or Valentine’s Day are coming and still no gift ideas to offer him? We offer you a selection of “travel” gifts from our own country with some objects that we have acquired used or that we…

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The essentials to put in your travel Backpack

You are about to go on a trip and you have some doubts about what to take and especially what not to forget to put in your suitcase. Preparing your backpack, your bundle… it’s already being on a trip. This…

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Accessories for travelling by plane

Yes, for a long flight, equip yourself with some useful accessories to help you get the flight through as quickly as possible. For a long flight, comfort is an important minimum. It is a question of arriving safely at the…

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Equipment and accessories for a trip around the world

I regularly meet people asking me what equipment I bring in my backpack when I go on a trip. So I decided to answer you here, by providing you with a complete list of my travel equipment and accessories. I…

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