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Your must have beauty products for holidays

The holidays have arrived; it’s time to pack your suitcase: Clothes, bathing suits, sunglasses; all that’s easy. But what are you going to bring in your beauty kit for the holidays? To help you sort out what’s useful and what’s…

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Diving and flying, the precautions to take!

An activity appreciated by travellers, the exploration of the world of silence is practiced in the four corners of the globe. The tight schedules of our holidays sometimes encourage us to dive at the last minute. But be careful, if…

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Flying with a pet

No way to leave without your faithful companion? Whether it is a dog, a cat or a canary, there are specific transport rules for each company, but also tips to follow to make the journey as smooth as possible! Flying…

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Tips for travelling more

Have you decided to refocus on the essentials? If travel is part of your resolutions this year, we have prepared some tips to help you keep them. Discover 5 tips for travelling: longer, more often and even cheaper! List your…

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Tips for a successful family trip

Travelling with your children is a fabulous experience, as enriching as ever. Travel is a way to strengthen family ties while exploring the world. Whether you are going to France or abroad, be sure that these trips will leave an…

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