Greece is one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in Europe. The country attracts nearly 3 million visitors per year thanks to the remains of Ancient Greece, the many UNESCO World Heritage sites, the magnificent landscapes and all its world-famous cultural assets. Given all that there is to discover, the road trip is the best solution to fully appreciate this destination. In this guide we offer you tips and tricks to put into practice for an unforgettable road trip in Greece.

Get informed at length

Road trip GreeceYou have already looked at the classic travel offers for Greece? You have certainly noticed that tour operators tend to always offer the same places in their tours. The places in question are none other than the most touristic sites in Greece. But why be satisfied with it? Thinking outside the box is essential and that's why the road trip is the ideal formula for a trip to Greece. However, a lot of information is required before the big departure. Don't organize your road trip in Greece only around known places and attractions. Take the time to get informed before deciding on your itinerary. You will then know more about must-see places that tourists from all over the world do not necessarily take by storm. Authentic, these places allow you to customize an expedition at your convenience. The road trip in Greece will then be more in your image. Finding all the information you need to know before you go on a trip to Greece is easy with the internet and all the platforms you can find there: - Travellers' blogs - YouTube channels dedicated to travel - Information platforms specialized in road trip, knowing that the concept is currently highly appreciated by travellers from all over the world. - Etc.

Anticipate expenses

Although very popular, Greece is not one of the most expensive destinations in the world. However, it is strongly recommended to prepare the budget well to avoid unpleasant surprises during your road trip to Greece. There is nothing better than budgetary contingencies to ruin such an expedition. In your calculations, consider that a road trip reduces accommodation costs if you drive a motorhome. You hesitate to take advantage of this experience in this type of vehicle? Travel blogs such as Autour du Blog can be very useful to you in order to know the ins and outs of this type of transport. In any case, the euro is the currency used in Greece and average prices for hotels, restaurants and transport are generally lower than in France. The price of a meal in a mid-range restaurant is for example 40% lower than in France. The difference is quite similar in terms of accommodation. Of course, for a road trip in Greece, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the price of fuel. The price per litre of unleaded petrol is 11% higher than the French price. But don't be afraid, you can compensate for this difference with hotel nights that you won't pay daily.

Learn a few words of Greek

As you are certainly aware, a trip to Greece, or more precisely a road trip, will be a real human adventure. You will evolve on the roads and discover many sublime and rich places of history and culture. But you will also meet people and your road trip to Greece will be even richer if you speak Greek. Having a basic knowledge of the language of the country in which you are travelling makes it easier to communicate with people. It's very convenient to ask for directions or to quickly find solutions to minor problems that can arise while travelling. But learning the language must above all be done for human reasons. The meetings will be more thorough, personalized and authentic if you speak the same language as the people you meet there. Of course, you will not learn Greek the day before your trip to Greece. We'll have to do it in advance. You can find basic vocabularies here but take the time to really learn the language. At least make sure you can do the basic polite exchanges (the "hello" and "goodbye" are not enough) A road trip to Greece offers you many historical, archaeological, cultural, natural and human discoveries. The country does not have dozens of sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for nothing. Its great wealth is real and awaits only you. And with a road trip, you will easily get off the beaten track. This is the best way to enjoy a tailor-made getaway.