The holidays have arrived; it's time to pack your suitcase: Clothes, bathing suits, sunglasses; all that's easy. But what are you going to bring in your beauty kit for the holidays? To help you sort out what's useful and what's superfluous, here's our list of essentials to keep you looking beautiful all summer long!

A sun cream for face and body

If there is one product not to forget when you go on holiday, it is sunscreen! It is indeed essential to protect your skin from the sun to avoid sunburn, of course, but especially premature skin ageing and other much more serious diseases. Then we equip ourselves with a protective cream with a high index (min SPF 30) and preferably adapted to the face and body to avoid overloading your luggage!

Sun oil for hair

Protecting your skin is good, but protecting your hair is even better! They too are very sensitive to UV rays and can quickly be damaged if they are not properly protected. So before going to the beach we spray a little protective oil on her hair and we can expose ourselves quietly!

A repairing shampoo

After a day at the beach, a good shampoo is needed to remove sand and salt residue from the hair. But be careful, there's no question of attacking her hair! Instead, we choose a repairing shampoo for dry hair.

A refreshing shower gel

And since we are in the shower, we take the opportunity to wash ourselves with a refreshing shower gel with plant extracts. A real moment of relaxation to fight the heat of summer!

An after-sun lotion

Even if you have protected yourself well from the sun during the day, it is good to do without after-sun milk on your body after a day of sunbathing. It durably refreshes and moisturizes the skin, preventing it from drying out.

Waterproof mascara

Who says you can't do makeup to go to the beach? Thanks to waterproof make-up, you can show yourself in your best light while enjoying the sea. The minimum? A waterproof mascara for a beautiful siren....

A fluorescent nail polish

Summer is also the season of colours! So we take advantage of it and take out our fluorescent nail polish that we love so much! This summer, carmine red, fuchsia and coral will be featured.

A mosquito repellent

A small mosquito can quickly ruin a summer evening. So to enjoy the party without being bitten, equip yourself with a mosquito repellent and don't forget to spray yourself before going out! If you are going to a tropical country or a particularly infested area, choose a suitable product.

A natural deodorant

It's hot but that's no reason to walk around with sweaty haloes! To stay fresh all day long, we opt for a natural deodorant, such as alum stone.

A moisturizing facial cream

Okay, it's the holidays, but we don't change the beauty rituals that work. Your facial moisturizer will also be part of your travel vanity!

A razor for touch-ups

If you are planning to bring shorts and little dresses on holiday, don't forget to bring a razor that will be very useful for making small alterations before going out....

Make-up remover lotion

Make-up remover lotion is also part of the solution, especially if you choose to use waterproof make-up products. In this case, choose a suitable make-up remover and don't forget to use it every night before going to bed.