Yes, for a long flight, equip yourself with some useful accessories to help you get the flight through as quickly as possible. For a long flight, comfort is an important minimum. It is a question of arriving safely at the port with a minimum of fatigue in order to make the most of the first few hours of the trip. This list of accessories for a plane trip will help you do this and make sure that time passes as quickly as possible!

The list of accessories for a plane trip

Polar travel blanket

If you are chilly by nature, it can often be cold on board an aircraft, despite the usual coverage. A lightweight and space-saving blanket is sometimes useful.

Travel cushion

What a pain to sleep on a plane, especially for the cervicals! The meagre cushion provided does not help at all, it must be said. Bringing a cushion worthy of the name is one of the useful accessories for travelling by plane.


Do you have trouble sleeping if you are not in the complete darkness? A mask will therefore be essential for a flight.


In addition, you have to carry with you the mask for sleeping on a plane. For me, it is an essential accessory that I always have at hand in my cabin bag.

Headphone adapter

A clever little accessory for flying! It allows you to use your headset for better listening. Yes, it must be said that the helmets available in flight are not at all terrible.

Anti-noise headphones

This type of headset reduces cabin noise on board. Of course, it is not dedicated to the aircraft, you can use it in transport, on the street, in short in noisy environments. A crystal clear sound on the program! This one also includes a special plug for the plane.

Support stockings

If you have concerns about blood circulation, wearing compression stockings on a long flight is important to prevent phlebitis during or after a flight. Be careful, don't take things lightly, phlebitis can have serious consequences.


This kit of 8 bottles will make your life easier during your flight! This way you can easily take your beauty products with you in your cabin bag.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

On a long flight, it is pleasant and hygienic to brush your teeth on board. This can be when you arrive at the airport as well. Yes, little reminder, after each meal, it is advisable to brush your teeth!

Luggage labels

Every year, thousands of pieces of luggage are lost during flights. There are several ways to reduce this risk. Among them, luggage tags are one of them.

Combination padlocks

For your suitcases or bags in the hold, a combination lock is essential. It's a security issue.

Luggage scale

Here is a useful accessory to make sure you are not overweight and therefore pay taxes when you check in. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.


It's not really an accessory, but a good way to spend time on board! I always download several of them to my smartphone before taking a long flight. You know, there's also my podcast, right?