I regularly meet people asking me what equipment I bring in my backpack when I go on a trip. So I decided to answer you here, by providing you with a complete list of my travel equipment and accessories. I advise you to bring quality items, which you will not have to buy on the spot. Be careful, my equipment may not be suitable for you. The contents of your bag will necessarily be different depending on whether you are going on a mountain trek or exploring impenetrable jungles. And then, this list also needs to be adapted according to the type of traveller you are and the budget you have. So use it as a guide and don't follow it to the letter. As you probably already know, I like to travel in "minimalist" mode. I must therefore admit that for my equipment, I have not skimped on quality and that I have put a fairly substantial budget into it. I realize that I did the right thing because, in the end, even after years of use, I didn't have to replace them. We have to look at the long term. By choosing multifunctional, robust and easy to use objects, you will keep them for a long time and they will be used very regularly.

Travel luggage: Rolling bag or backpack?

That's one of the questions I'm asked the most. How to choose between a suitcase, a roller bag and a backpack? Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I don't have the answer to that question. It all depends on you! If you plan to hitchhike in Central America, take local buses in Asia and walk a lot on rough terrain, you probably need a travel backpack. If you prefer to spend your time exploring cities and fly a lot, the suitcase or rolling bag may be the perfect choice. To find out what suits you best, I invite you to take a look at my comparison of the best backpacks.

My main travel bags

Currently, I have three different backpacks. The Eagle Creek 40L for trips of more than a month or when I want to hike, my Utility Bag 29L for weekends or trips of a few weeks in ultra-minimalist mode, and finally the Eagle Creek Packable daypack that I take with me on all my trips. I never had to send my backpack in the hold because they have the right size for the cabin.

Classic travel accessory

This is what I take with me every time I go on a trip. You will find things to make the flights more enjoyable and others to stay organized once you get there.

Travel clothing

You don't need to take your entire wardrobe with you to travel. Here is a short list of what I take with me when I travel. Most of them are lightweight and resistant technical clothing. I even like to have my pants made myself! In general, I bring 2 pants, 1 shorts (which also fits a bathing suit), 5 t-shirts, 1 ultra-light sweater, 4 boxers, 4 pairs of socks. If necessary, I take Uniqlo's ultra-light down jacket with me.

Traveller's electronic accessories

As I work on a computer, I need adapted equipment. Here, there are things that seem to me to be unavoidable, and others that are superfluous but which are particularly pleasant to have on the road.

Travel photo accessory

If you like photography, I strongly recommend this equipment. I use them in all my travels and they allow me to feed my blog with my most beautiful photos. The equipment I take with me always depends on my trip. I never take all the devices or all my I also sell my photos to foreign brands, magazines and tourist agencies. I bring more equipment with me than a traditional traveller because it is also part of my job. Here, I hope that this list will help you to better prepare your bag for your trip.