From Barcelona Airport, there is a wide variety of transport options leading to other destinations in Spain and beyond. Whether you are planning a long trip beyond Barcelona, or just a short break in downtown Barcelona, it is worth planning in advance how you want to travel. See below for links to detailed pages covering transport options in Barcelona itself and beyond.

How to travel from Barcelona airport to downtown Barcelona

There are 3 public transport options when travelling from Barcelona airport to the city centre. Trains and 2 types of buses go directly to Barcelona's city centre. Taxis and rental cars are also an option. Before deciding how you will travel through Barcelona's city centre from the airport, it is worth reading our guide on transfer options. This will allow you to measure the different advantages and disadvantages of each transport option. You should consider how fast you want to travel in the centre, how many people are travelling and where exactly you want to go to Barcelona.

Secure baggage drop-off and transfer service

There is a luggage locker and secure transfers to and from Barcelona. This is a convenient service where you can drop off your luggage and transfer it safely to your final destination, for example your hotel or another destination, for example the cruise port. We have put in place an article that explains this service in more detail.

How to travel to other destinations in Catalonia from Barcelona Airport

From Barcelona airport, it is also possible to take a coach to take you to many parts of Catalonia and beyond. In general, if you want to take a train, you must first take a train in the city centre of Barcelona - Estacio Sants (Barcelona Sants) - One of the largest train stations in Barcelona. From there, trains travel to other parts of Spain.