First, the major brands of backpacks:
  • Deuterating
  • Millet
  • The North Face
They are really the market leaders; the bags are extremely well designed and robust. For girls:
  • They needed a bag that was not too big (between 50 and 60 litres) and if possible tailored to their size*.
  • The girls chose a model from Millet (French brand) which is the:
  • Millet Odyssey 50+10 LD* (LD for Lady) - Average price = 130€
On the Sports-Adventure website this backpack was on sale at 90€. We will often tell you about this site which offers excellent products at competitive prices. For Boys:
  • We needed a bigger bag (between 65 and 80 litres maximum) with Matthew we opted for the German brand Deuter.
  • Matthew: Deuter Aircontact Pro 70+15 - Average price = 230€
  • Romain : Deuter Aircontact 65+10 - Average price = 180€ Purchased around 134€ shipping included here.


Boots, essential equipment for the hiker who, in my opinion, is the most important. There is no shortage of great brands and above all, you can feel better in one brand than in the other. The watchword for the choice is that you have to feel good in your shoes. However, two characteristics must be respected, a Vibram sole and a Gore Tex membrane. In my opinion, these are the two important points of a good pair of shoes, obviously the weight is also important but in general does not change excessively from one brand to another. Choice of brand: Asolo, a well-known brand that no longer has to prove itself. Romain and Matthew: Asolo Drifter GV ( Gore Tex, Vibram) - Men - Average price = 155€. Tiziana and Emilie: Asolo Drifter GV ( Gore Tex, Vibram) - Women - Average price = 155€. They are therefore the same models but of different colors man - woman. Waterproof jacket - windproof Purchased 129€ here: Male - Female. Equipment also very important because it is a versatile garment that will serve you as much in high mountains as in the middle of summer in the rain. Here too, there are many brands and models, ranging from simple hiking applications to pure mountaineering. The best in our opinion is still Millet, the famous French brand, but there are others that offer good products like Eider, The North Face, Patagonia and I certainly forget some. For fabrics, Gore Tex remains the best, but manufacturers have since invented their own fabrics as effective as the original. The advantage of a jacket like this is that it will allow you to stay dry in heavy rainy weather because it is very waterproof but also windproof, "breathable" and lightweight. Romain and Matthew: Millet K expert evo GTX - average price = 400€ - bought 279€ Tiziana : Millet LD CLOUD PEAK 3 IN 1 JKT - average price 359€ - bought 199€