For a holiday with family, friends or just two, Italy has always been an unforgettable destination. What is proven is that it is one of the most important cultural centres in the West, hence its outstanding historical and cultural richness. It is also full of tourist places of interest that make it highly coveted by tourists from all over the world. Basically, a trip to Italy promises an emotional stay and in this article you will understand why.

Why Italy? Why Italy?

Italy has indeed made history. Already, it was at the heart of the Roman Empire; then of Catholicism, of which it is still the epicentre. At the same time, was in the Middle Ages, the cradle of humanism and the economic and artistic renaissance. Its influence is therefore of consequence in Europe and is exercised in many artistic fields and especially in architecture, painting, decorative art, music, literature, gastronomy and sculpture. That is why Italy is nowadays adorned with historical remains, famous monuments and all this, in addition to the many traditional festivities that give it a special character.

The main places to visit

In concrete terms, whether in Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence or Bologna, the sites are abundant, and both have everything to impress. If we only recall the Vatican in Rome, one of the most recognized and representative sites in the Peninsula. During a guided tour, you will see how amazing it is. You will discover the must-see attractions such as the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica. Alternatively, you can visit the Colosseum to discover the remains of ancient Rome. Moreover, if you climb to the top of the Palatine Hill, the most heavenly of the 7 hills of Rome, it is without appeal, you will be captured by the beauty of the landscape. In addition, the feeling will be even more exhilarating when you take your walk in Florence, the lovers' paradise, the city is dotted with buildings of renown and a host of visiting points, including traditional districts, museums, gardens, cathedrals, etc. Words will never be enough to describe the incomparable beauty of Italy. Amaze your loved ones and offer them an unforgettable holiday in Italy. However, before you embark on your journey, be sure to purchase travel insurance to prevent contingencies and cover yourself in the event of an incident. For more information, follow this link.