On Christmas, his birthday or Valentine's Day are coming and still no gift ideas to offer him? We offer you a selection of "travel" gifts from our own country with some objects that we have acquired used or that we have had the pleasure of seeing in other travellers. It may give you some ideas for nice "travel" gifts.

The selection of "travel" gifts

Smartbox: Unusual trip

What better way for lovers to spend a night in an unusual accommodation? Yurt, caravan, tree house or transparent igloo is some of the possibilities offered by the Smartbox "Unusual Journey". I had one at Christmas and I think it's really a great gift because we leave the choice of destination and accommodation to the person to whom we offer it. It is a good idea to look at the stars together.

Scratchable world map (in French)

On one of my birthdays, my sister bought me this scratch card of the world. When you're fond of travel like me, it's a great gift! You can hang it on the wall (88x53cm) and scrape off the countries or places where you have visited. Personally, it goes very well in my interior, I like it too much this card. A must for your adventurer half!

Travel diary

When travelling, I always have a notebook in my bag to take notes, take impressions or landscapes. Carnet du Voyageur offers beautiful natural and handcrafted leather objects (the pleasant smell does not mislead on authenticity and already makes people travel!). The design is simple and elegant and allows it to be easily slipped into a pocket. You're sure to hit the nail on the head with this gift.

Knife: Deejo

A knife is often a personal object, even a fetish. Besides, don't we just say "come with your... and your knife"? What better way to have your own? And it's always useful when there are many situations. I opted for the very light and very customizable Deejo knife (nothing to do with hooch!). You can choose the material and colour of the blade and handle but especially the pattern of the blade (among more than 40!). It is even possible to have the handle engraved. A gift is better when it is personalized and the Deejo knife will give you all the possibilities to be one. In addition, you will be offered a coin in return so as not to "cut off friendship (or love)".

Book: Legendary treks around the world

Through his texts and photographs in his beautiful book Treks of Legend, Cam Honan presents 33 great long hikes to discover around the world, on 6 continents. He provides experienced advice on the different routes. Among the most famous are the Alta Via, the Caminito del Rey, Laugavegur towards Landmannalaugar, the Tour des Annapurnas, the Toubkal, the Kilimanjaro, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Torres del Paine, the Sentier des Appalaches...

Storage for GoPro : Thule Perspektiv

I just bought this Thule Perpektiv case for GoPro recently and I am a complete fan of it! In addition to the fact that it is of very good quality (Swedish), the case is very practical (in addition to being beautiful): a rigid compartment to put the GoPro(s) and the cases and therefore not to damage them and another compartment that can be opened in scratch, flexible, to put accessories. In addition there are three small places to put SD cards or mini SD adapters. All this, once closed, can be hung anywhere. Personally I tested it on the lap strap of my backpack for quick access to the GoPro and found it totally cool. Not to be missed for amateur videographers!

Computer bag: Thule Subterra

It has to be said, the travellers have changed! We see more and more tourists with their laptops or tablets on the move. As a result, the technological object will be quite stirred up and it is then good to have adequate equipment: protection against shocks, bad weather and wearing comfort. I am lucky to have this bag (for my macbook pro 13″) and it is pretty well done: a central pocket well padded, divided into 3 compartments, a side pocket on the back and another front with 4 small compartments (cable, external hard disk, pens...). All the pockets are zipped, the fabric is resistant and "waterproof" (well, very water-repellent) and the whole is very light. In short, whether for urban, professional or everyday travel (my case), this shoulder bag guarantees safe and practical protection for your computer.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Well then, for the reader-travellers the Kindle reader is just the best! Ok I love exchanging books in youth hostels when I travel, that's for sure. But I must admit, a reader is great when you want to lighten your backpack. You download your books on the reader and let's go for hours of reading! Frankly, when you're on a 12-hour bus or plane, a good Kindle is a good way to pass the time. Killer stuff: the battery lasts for weeks!

Travel diary with world map

All travellers will tell you, leaving without a travel journal is like going to work naked. Personally, I wrote a lot of things during my trip, whether it was practical information, travel stories or anecdotes. I am therefore sure that this notebook will please your backpacker half for Valentine's Day. Imagine how much he or she will be able to write on it... Besides, it is really beautiful outdoors!

Travel toilet bag

Want to make a useful gift? Personally, this travel toilet bag would have been very useful for me during my world tour. It hangs everywhere, which is really very practical in a youth hostel or hotel. It folds down and closes so that it can protect everything in it and take up less space in the backpack. Well, it's not whimsical, but at least it's sure to be useful!