In this page we will explain how to calculate your budget for a trip of one year or more according to your plans.

Budget "Life on the spot"

It is after you have roughly defined your route that you can start to ask yourself: "But how much will it cost me? Well, in general, a one-year-round the world trip costs about 15000€, which is the price of a small car. It then depends on the equipment you decide to buy, the destinations chosen, the price of the round-the-world ticket and life on the spot. Let's take our itinerary: China -> Tibet -> Nepal -> India -> Vietnam -> Cambodia -> Laos -> Thailand -> New Zealand -> Chile -> Argentina -> Bolivia -> Peru -> USA. You have a great site called Saving for Travel. This site allows you to calculate the cost according to the duration of your stay in each country on your itinerary. Here is the cost given by Saving for Travel of our itinerary: As you can see on the right, the site calculates the budget per country and makes a total with insurance and airfare. Of course, these are average prices, but it's a good starting point. It is up to you to review some of the budgets according to what you plan to do on site. The total advertised price (Ticket+Insurance+Life on site) = £6930 or 8300€. As a result, visas, equipment and some travel expenses are missing. Once your "living on site" budget has been established, you can set a daily budget that is higher than what the site allows you to calculate. For example, our budget/day was 25€ with the information given on the site that we increased to 34€. This allows you to plan a little more in case of unforeseen circumstances, or to be able to travel, make visits or buy some souvenirs! Another way to be preventive, count the empty days (plane, long train journey) as a normal day, i.e. plan 34€ even if you are on a Bangkok - Auckland flight which will make you lose 1 day or more. To do this, multiply the number of days of your round the world trip by the budget you have defined for yourself and you will get your "Life on the spot" budget: For us 322*34 =10948€ In addition, there are airfare, post-departure costs, visas and equipment. On the table on the right, you will find my details of the planned, calculated and maximum budget. Explanation:
  • Planned: Total with what the sites recommend (saving for travel).
  • Calculated: Total with our budget of 34€ / day.
  • Maximum: Total taking the maximum values.
For the plane tickets, we went through: The agency Travel Nation is very competent, and the prices are competitive. So, we get away with it:3200€ per person (repatriation insurance level 2 1 year included and 6 flights) All this for a totally personalized service. For the equipment we have defined 900€ which in my opinion is enough if we try to find the right plans, moreover none of us has exceeded it. I add the spreadsheet I use to prepare all this; I think I'm the only one who really understands the content. You are free to reuse it for your own trip, if you want more information do not hesitate to send me an email.