To choose your sleeping bag there is a standard that professionals use: This is the European standard EN 13537, the objective of which is to objectively assess the actual performance of sleeping bags. Under this standard, the sleeping bag manufacturer must have 4 temperature values on its bag if it wants to be CE compliant. the maximum temperature: it is the highest temperature at which an adult man can sleep without being excessively hot (to the point of sweating) the comfort temperature: it is the temperature at which a woman will sleep comfortably. the limit temperature: it is the lowest temperature at which an adult man can sleep without feeling cold. extreme temperature: below this temperature, survival is compromised for an adult woman The choice of sleeping bag should never be made based on extreme temperature values, because the sensations of cold, the risk of hypothermia, are real below the limit temperature. The correct measurement will be between the comfort and limit temperatures and this is usually the values reported by manufacturers and stores. (Source: Le journal du Trek) We needed something lightweight (1kg maximum) that could be used over 2 seasons and that allowed a comfort limit T° limit of between 5°c and 0°c. Knowing that for our Treks we will often sleep in a Refuge or a Tent, the comfort limit T° does not need to be at -5°c. Several products were then proposed to us here are those that caught our attention:
  • MILLET 1000 Base Camp - 1 kg - Average price: 100€
  • Comfort: 8°c
  • Comfort limit: 3°c
  • Extreme: -10 °c
  • Comfort: 5°c
  • Comfort limit: 0°c
  • Extreme: -16 °c
  • 100€ being a certain amount, we decided to look for the "good deals".
After several days of research, we came across this: DEUTER Travel Lite 250 - 1 kg - Average price: 50€ Comfort: 7°c Comfort limit: 2°c Extreme: - 13°c The advantage is that this model is waterproof but can only be found in England. The Tent For the tent, the same thing, it must be light, well waterproof, 3 seasons and especially double roof. Selected models: QUECHUA T2 Ultralight Pro - 2 kg - Average price: 119€ The Mountain 2DLX from FREETIME - 2 kg - Average price: 119€ Matthew already owned a T3 Ultralight Pro from Quechua this tent is a good compromise between space and weight. Weighing 3kg for a surface of 5m² and a price of 139€ it has only one disadvantage, no double roof since the room is pre-assembled here. Personally, I chose the Mountain 2DLX from Free time.


Advantages compared to the T2 Ultralight pro:
  • Larger: FREETIME = 5m² / QUECHUA = 3m².
  • Double roof.
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