It is everyone's dream to be able to go around the world and finance it in such a way that they can make a living from their journey and therefore finance their world tour. And financing a round-the-world trip is not necessarily easy, so here are some ideas to find effective financing for your trip.

Develop a concept specific to you

To finance a round-the-world trip, for example, you can find an original idea that has never been realised by other people because it is sometimes by creating a buzz by developing an original idea that you will find interesting financing. But it is still difficult to find a surprising idea that will interest everyone and make people want to follow you because it is much easier to do than to realize in the end because your idea of travel must please both Internet users and brands. You can also create your own hashtag and share your adventure on social networks.


After having your round the world tour concept in mind, you need to create partnerships with the strong points of your project in order to see the different sponsorship solutions that you can offer to companies but also to individuals who want to follow your adventure. It is therefore important not to neglect financing from companies (most often in the form of money) and from individuals (most often in the form of donations of equipment).

Be present on the internet

This is one of the most important steps, your presence on the Internet, that's why you must create a travel blog that will make Internet users want to follow you, so you must have a fairly attractive design. You can also relay your articles on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know about your round-the-world adventure, and don't hesitate to make videos and photos that can be shared by everyone. You therefore need an effective web strategy to present your project to the press and generate real interest.


In terms of funding, crowdfunding is efficient enough to attract donors of all kinds.