New York

Nicknamed Big Apple, New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is a real attraction for tourists who are very numerous to visit it. This cosmopolitan city represents a real wealth of culture and traditions of all kinds for the country. Located in the north-eastern United States, on the Atlantic coast, New York City, with its thousand contrasts, surprises and fascinates because it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country. The visitor will appreciate the most mythical places of this mega city. But which pass to New York should you choose to discover the city?

New York mythical city

New York is known for its impressive buildings. Visitors strolling through its long sidewalks and wide avenues, do not fail to look up to admire the buildings that seem to touch the sky. Sightseeing in New York is not to miss visiting the most fabulous tourist attractions. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Central Park and the Empire State Building, to name but a few, are must-see places. However, the visitor who is still poorly informed or who is travelling for the first time, will find himself a little confused to visit this or that mythical place in the city. To make things easier, exploring it allows him to make significant savings. Indeed, thanks to this ticket, the visitor will be able to enjoy several activities with very attractive discounts. In addition, it is valid for one month after its first use.

Visit of the city

Travelling to New York allows you to buy different New York passes that allow you to access several attractions. The New York City pass is also available to discover several selected attractions at a very attractive price. Among the attractions on offer are the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum, the September 11 Memorial, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Top of Rock. The New York pass offers you the opportunity to explore the city in a very pleasant way thanks to the Big Tourist Bus that will take you to the most visited places.

Attractions and activities

New York is such a fascinating and large city that it is almost impossible to see the different attractions it offers us. But the New York sightseeing pass allows you to make very significant savings while fully enjoying your stay. The New York sightseeing pass offers a definite advantage for interesting tours. For example, by opting for this pass, the visitor benefits from a free trip in Circle Line Landmarks Cruise. This surprising and pleasant trip allows you to take beautiful pictures of the different places that New York City is re-filled with. A guide accompanies the passengers by describing the sites that can be admired throughout the itinerary. This tour also allows you to dine on board the boats. To buy a New York pass, it is necessary to plan the routes, attractions to see and dates. If you want to know the different advantages of the best passes, just look at the comparison of the different passes for New York and choose the one that suits you best.