Getting a visa in Thailand can be difficult depending on the reasons you are leaving for the Kingdom of Siam and how long you want to stay in this beautiful country. Tourists wishing to stay in the Pays du Sourire for less than 30 days will not need a visa. Indeed, the Thai government has chosen to grant a visa waiver to European nationals visiting the country for less than a month. For stays of more than one-month, Western tourists will need to apply for a tourist visa before leaving. This request must be made to the Thai Embassy in your country of origin by providing the documents requested by the competent authorities. Note that in France, there is the possibility of obtaining a visa by mail directly from the Lyon consulate.

Travelling to Thailand

Expatriates will have to choose the non-immigrant visa corresponding to their status with regard to Thai immigration services (student, employee, entrepreneur or retired). Obtaining such a visa requires heavy administrative procedures and the promulgation of a large number of documents proving your financial health and credibility in the eyes of your own country (letter of recommendation from your embassy in Siam). When applying for a non-immigrant visa, make sure you do this well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of departure for Le Pays du Sourire. Finally, note that immigration violations are severely punished in Thailand with heavy fines and prison sentences for offenders. For more information, please consult the Visa Thailand section, a practical guide and information magazine on Thailand. You therefore have all the necessary information for your visa to Thailand.