Cruising deserves serious preparation. It will be necessary to plan every detail in order to make a successful trip. Especially for those who will be sailing for the first time, it is imperative to make a good organization in advance regarding the pre-departure, the equipment to bring for life on board the ship and for the excursions.

The reservations

As soon as you are sure of the destination, it is possible to book the cruise ticket quickly. As the saying goes, "First come, first served", booking in advance ensures the best cabin. For cabins, those inside are more secure, especially for those who are seasick. However, it is necessary to ask the agencies about their quality.

Travel documents

Identity is particularly important. In this case we are obliged to check that your identity papers are in order and your passport valid. For those with health concerns, medical prescriptions are required to certify the medications you will be carrying with you. The flight documents need to be put in order to be more secure. It is also important to hang labels with your name on the suitcases. Traveller's cheques and credit cards will be very useful to complete these documents.

Equipment and clothing to bring

Research the weather in the regions or countries of destination to better prepare clothes. On the ship or elsewhere, wearing appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes will ensure well-being. However, for certain parts of the boat such as fancy restaurants, dining rooms or during events such as gala evenings or casinos, formal dress is required. In any case, the outfits will be adapted according to the programs presented beforehand during the reservation. As for accessories, the camera with its memory cards and charger is essential to keep in memory every moment of your trip. Sunglasses and hats will be a great help when going out and walking in the sun. To avoid physical problems, the pharmacy must contain the essential elements. Finally, for hygiene, we must bring a toilet bag containing the basic daily necessities so as not to disturb our fellow cruisers. It is not easy to prepare a trip but having peace of mind is essential to the success of the project.