This particular world tour was proposed by our travel creators to a couple of travellers in search of strong and profoundly unique cultural, sporting and human experiences. In addition to discovering varied and often spectacular destinations, this adventure around the five elements refocuses you on your passions and pushes you to overcome your fears. Your imagination is your only limit! Because you are unique and this trip will remain forever etched in your memory. Let's go! Let's go!

Water: Norway

Norwegian waters are frequented by several species of dolphins and whales. For an appointment with these spectacular marine mammals, the Vesteralen archipelago is undoubtedly THE favourite place in Norway! Located some 300 km inside the Arctic Circle, this small archipelago with its mountainous relief and open vegetation enjoys an amazingly mild climate. The incomparable lights, the clear waters, the peaceful little villages.... Everything is working together here to give the islands a very special charm. From spring to autumn, whale safaris are organised from the port of Andenes. But the ultimate experience takes place in winter: at this time of year, cetaceans follow the huge schools of herring seeking refuge in the waters of a few Vesteralen fjords. The opportunity for intrepid people to take to the water and swim in the immediate vicinity of the whales: the pilot whale, the minke whale, the megapter and sometimes even the sperm whale can be part of it... But the undeniable star remains the killer whale, the great marine predator par excellence with its well-known black and white livery...

Space: USA

No need to venture into space to feel like an astronaut! In the United States, a unique airline (Zero-G) provides the opportunity to escape Earth's gravity during a very special flight. On board a specially converted and equipped Boeing 727 for the experiment, passengers are placed in a state of weightlessness several times. To achieve this miracle, the pilots have the aircraft perform a series of manoeuvres known by professionals as "parabolas", between 8 and 11,000 metres above sea level: the movements of the aircraft and the gravitational force they generate cause passengers to take off and float in the aircraft for successive periods of 20 to 30 seconds! An information session precedes the takeoff, while after landing; participants have a drink together and receive their''Weightlessness Experience Certificate''. The aircraft is based successively in Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas or San Francisco, but also operates private flights to other parts of the country: your destination in the United States therefore remains a surprise until the last minute...

Fire: Vanuatu

To help you discover the fire, it is the small state of Vanuatu that invites you. This independent archipelago of some 80 islands is located at the end of the''Pacific Ring of Fire'', one of the areas of our planet with the most intense volcanic activity. The Vanuatu archipelago is well known to specialists for hosting permanently active volcanoes. The most famous, but also the most accessible, is the Yasur volcano on Tanna Island: like the Stromboli in Europe, the Yasur is erupting almost continuously. On Ambryn Island, the Bembow and Marum are among the few volcanoes in the world with permanent lava lakes. To ascend these enormous outlets of the Earth's "inner fire" is to live a strong experience... To complete the stay with more serene environments, Vanuatu also has beautiful expanses of tropical forests on the flanks of volcanoes that invite you to take a sporty hike, not to mention sumptuous coral reefs: something to match fire, water and earth!

Air: Nepal

Located in the centre of the Himalayas, the Annapurnas massif is undoubtedly one of the most mythical for mountaineers... Gathering some of the highest peaks in the world spread over a long ridge (including Annapurna 1, which reaches an altitude of more than 8000 m), the massif also offers some of the most fantastic and captivating high mountain panoramas in the world. Only a few birds, such as the Bar-headed Goose, venture to fly over this beautiful region during their migrations. To discover the Annapurnas in the style of birds, a flight rich in thrills is now available: a flight in ULM! Your ULM allows you to infiltrate the valleys, to approach the peaks as close as possible; it offers you exceptional views not only of the Annapurnas massif, but also of the Pokhara valley, from where flights (lasting an average of about an hour) leave between June and September. An exhilarating and quite unique experience... However, it can be conditioned by the prevailing weather conditions....

Land: Namibia

Partly shaped by the fire of long extinct volcanoes, bordered by the fiery waters of the Atlantic, Namibia is above all a corner where it is the land that reveals itself: the hard ground of stone deserts, the soft ground of sand dunes, the bare ground of vast, limitless spaces... Walking is undoubtedly the ideal way to explore Namibia's vast arid expanses, to discover at first sight landscapes that are uniform but gradually reveal their subtle diversity, to surprise one or other of the unlikely creatures who have managed to survive in such difficult conditions, to admire the lights and colours that are constantly changing at every hour of the day. We offer you a hike in particularly wild, but grandiose landscapes: to isolate yourself from the world and commune not only with the earth but also with the sky during the nights spent under the stars under one of the brightest celestial vaults in the world. Your hike, led by an experienced Gujde, lasts three days, in the Namibrand region on the edge of the great Namib Desert.