Internal change is at the heart of this trip to Burma. Known for its diverse cultures and the predominance of Buddhism, the country is an excellent destination for spiritual renewal through the practice of meditation. During their visit to this region of continental Southeast Asia, the travellers will have the opportunity to experience Vipassana. It is a very old technique of deep reflection, based on observation, whose objective is to reach the common root of the body and mind. For information, during their wellness stay, globe-trotters will discover about 7 training centres offering 10-day courses for beginners and 3-day courses for enthusiasts. Visitors will be able, for example, to register at DhammaNidhi, a monastery located in the city of Inn-Ta-Kwa, or at Dhamma Mandala, located nearly 14 km from Mandalay. In case tourists travel with their families, they will find the Dhamma Ratana in Mogok. This one is specially dedicated to children. Please note that there is no charge for courses, food and accommodation.

Vipassana, for a mental purification

Overall, Vipassana is a mental exercise, just as physical training is used to improve health. As a result, throughout this adventure, participants are required to follow the rules imposed by Buddhist monks and nuns. For example, they must get up at dawn, eat vegetarian food and meditate for more than 12 hours a day. On the first day, staff motivate their students to make a moral commitment. Indeed, the internship involves difficult moments, especially unusual static postures that can lead to physical pain and discouragement. However, once the apprentice becomes familiar with the practice, usually from the fourth day, his mind will begin to be calmer and he will dive into a deep concentration. In addition, a stay in one of the Burmese monasteries allows travellers to learn more about the essence of Vipassana, including freeing themselves from the grip of suffering and achieving true happiness.

Cultural getaway in Mandalay

After completing the meditation course, the globetrotters will be able to continue on a cultural tour. This adventure will lead them to discover the royal cities and important places where Buddhist remains are hidden. Holidaymakers will have the opportunity to visit Sagaing, a metropolis located on the west coast of the Irrawaddy River, during this trip. It is the second largest city in Burma, but also the spiritual capital of the country. It is a very popular place of pilgrimage, with more than 590 pagodas, most of which are spread over nearly 40 hills. To get a better view of these temples, backpackers are invited to climb to the top of Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda, at an altitude of 300 m. In addition to Sagaing, Bagan is another unavoidable municipality. This is a vast archaeological site stretching over approximately 50 kmĀ² in Mandalay province. Tourists will find Buddhist monuments of a wide variety of styles dating from the 10th and 12th centuries.