Located between the Drôme Provençale and the high Alps, the Baronnies region is an exceptional place to experience a real immersion in nature. Indeed, a stay in the Land of the Baronnies is an adventure where time seems to be on hold. Thanks to its geographical location, this region offers the opportunity to practice several outdoor activities.

Presentation of the Baronnies region

The Baronnies are a pre-Alpine territory located between the Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions. Belonging to both the Mediterranean world and the Alps, they have a great diversity of landscapes and biodiversity. Indeed, the territory is composed of perched synclines, narrow gorges and a succession of mountains. Still spared by mass tourism, this region has managed to preserve its charming landscapes, which are punctuated by villages with typical houses linked by bucolic roads. The Baronnies also host many remarkable sites that await only to be visited during tailor-made holidays in this region. Among these sites, one can take as an example, the Esparros Chasm. A real crystal garden, this site is a reference in terms of underground caves. It is also on the list of the 12 most beautiful French cavities to protect for their exceptional heritage.

Outdoor activities to be practiced in the open air

Les Baronnies is a region where you can practice various outdoor activities. Among the latter, we can mention escalation. Indeed, the diversity of the Baronnies' limestone cliffs offers thrill-seekers the opportunity to climb on them. In addition, this region benefits from a climate that allows climbing all year round. Besides climbing, hiking with donkeys is also one of the activities that can be practiced in the Baronnies. This activity is practiced according to the weather. During the hot seasons, itineraries on the northern slopes of the mountains are to be preferred. On the other hand, when it is cooler, the routes on the south side are the most suitable for this activity. Since the Baronnies region is located at high altitude, it is possible to practice paragliding there. Apart from the fact that this activity is accessible to everyone (children or adults), it is also an excellent way to discover this region from the sky. Les Baronnies is also a place where canyoning is possible all year round. This type of activity is practiced around the different canyons: Motte Chalancon, Rémuzat, Nyons or Cornillon.