Going on holiday as part of a full board stay is a bit like the ideal holiday for a family. You can finally enjoy all the activities, dinners and outings at 100% without having to worry about shopping, cleaning or even travelling. Your organization takes care of everything, you and your family just must enjoy everything and get rid of all the little worries of everyday life.

No problem, everything is organized for you

Whatever your holiday destination in France, the program will make you love your holidays. No stress, no bloodshed about cleaning or shopping, no nervous arguments about organizing the meal or choosing the restaurant. Whether you have children or not, your holidays in France will never have seemed so sweet and quiet. In a word, all you must do is put your feet under the table and enjoy the trip! It is a rare feeling to return from a perfectly rested holiday, ready to attack work and daily life as a brand-new person, without frustration and anger, with a positive and constructive attitude. You might think it's luxury, but in fact it's the lot of all the people who choose a full board stay for their holidays in France.

Parents who finally discover the meaning of a real holiday

The full board holiday formula in France is the dream solution for parents who must take care of their children every day and channel their overflowing energy. It is sometimes difficult to take it upon yourself to please them or to keep them quiet. But we must keep in mind that holidays are for children, but also for parents! If parents never take time for themselves, never take time to rest and think of nothing but themselves and their own pleasure, then they will not be in the best position to be patient with their children. More easily irritable, less patient, relationships will get worse and everyone will have a bad time. Relaxed parents are well-rested parents, much better able to enjoy a special relationship with their children.

A wide choice of packages and destinations

Many people still think that a full board stay during a holiday in France is about a very limited choice of destinations. But today, that's not true! There are many destinations in France where this is possible. You can go skiing for your winter holidays in the Alps, in the Pyrenees or, why not, in Corsica. If you prefer the sea and the beach, you can opt for the sweetness of the Mediterranean, Provence and the French Riviera. But you can also prefer the wilder coasts of Brittany or Normandy. As you will have understood, the possibilities are very wide and varied. Similarly, you can choose complete packages, which may or may not consider excursions, lunches... You remain free to compose your holidays as you wish!